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Virtual Tours

Alita real state consultants with Arvand internet company cooperation is proud to present the newest in hand technology of real stating .This technology known as Virtual Tour, allows visitors to survey the property and have a virtual tour around, from internet.

This system with aid of 360 degrees picturing with special digital cameras, shows a real and complete view of the property, to the visitors.
Virtual tour, using 360 degrees digital pictures, allows the visitors to view the principal areas of the property with larger ability. The tour with Alita server Connection lets visitors to have a tour of the properties from all over the 24 hours a day.
This system works as commercial and will and is on internet during a year and it's extendable every year.

Cooperation between Alita and Arvand make prices lower, so that picturing, programming, web designing and setting it on internet will be with the cheapest fee possible.

Virtual tour benefits are:


  • Help to sell or rent the place, easier and faster.
  • Saving time.
  • 24 hours a day access to your properties.
  • Possibility for visit the properties from allover the world.
  • Avoidance from direct undesired visitor
  • Possibility for having visitors and friends opinions.
  • Permanent publicity for properties.

Your address will be:


Two examples of our Tours are:

Virtual tours are ideal, especially to rent furnished properties to of country customers.

Alita it's economical for nor then villas or out of town places. The preference of virtual tour is ability of controlling the subjects, in other hand you can show visitors what ever you want them to see. The pictures chosen from best angels.

For small areas like bedrooms or bathrooms, normal pictures will be used, for bigger areas like kitchen or terraces views from wide angels !and for major areas like diner and hall from 360 degrees pictures.
Today, this technology is used in the cuntries like united states.% 81 of residence applicants is using internet as their first choise in searching .With due attention to the day to day growth of internet users in Iran, you can let your property to have more visitors .

The system fee:

Its available in 2 options:


-With 2, 360 panoramas plus 20 digital pictures with designing ,programming ,editing the subjects and make the site and register the site in the Alita ' s information bank during year costs:300/000T .

-With 1, 360 panorama plus 10 digital pictures with designing ,programming ,editing the subjects and make the site and register the site in the Alita ' s information bank during year costs:200/000T .

It's also extendable for 50/000T a year.




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